Minutes of Amble Parish meeting held 23rd April 2012

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish of Amble held on 23rd April 2012 at 6.00pm in Fourways 2, Dilston Terrace, Amble.   Present: Leslie Bilboe - Mayor Elaine Brown – Town Clerk Ian Hinson - Councillor - Amble Town Council Helen Lewis - Councillor - Amble Town Council Jane Dargue - Councillor - Amble Town Council Kate Morrison - Councillor - Amble Town Council Craig Weir - Councillor - Amble Town Council Robert Arckless - Councillor - Amble Town Council, Northumberland County Council Julia Aston – Amble Development Trust Anna Williams - Amble Development Trust, Ambler Andy Sim – Amble Development Trust, Social History Group, Resident Simon Crosstwaithe – Homes for Northumberland Lynda Coulthard – Trinity Methodist Church Fred Thurgood – Amble Photographic Group David Bell – Amble and Warkworth Rotary Club Ken Henderson – Coastguard Vic Brown – Coquet Shorebase Trust Ann Burke – 42 Queen Street Richard Wardman – 42 Queen Street Colin Harris – Amble Business Club Karl Brunton – Amble Marina Bill Stevenson – Resident Diane Gelson – Resident Pat Dunn – Resident Diana Shutt – Resident Margaret Davison – Resident John Young – Resident James Willoughby – Northumberland Gazette John Shutt   Apologies: Lynne Riddell, Ken Graham, Velda Nicholson   1. Parish Reports – The Parish Reports had been circulated prior to the meeting. 2. Items Arising from Parish Reports – The Mayor asked those present if there were any matters arising; there were no matters arising. 3.  Amble Jubilee Event – Craig Weir ran through the event timeline which was being publicized around the town along with posters advertising the event.  He thanked the businesses and the community for getting involved but said more volunteers were needed on the day.  The Mayor thanked Craig and encouraged the townsfolk to get involved. Craig also pleaded for help with the Pride in Amble Initiative as without more physical help the town would look very shabby.  John Shutt commented that there are a lot of funds around green deals and that horticulture was identified on the Town Plan as a growth Industry. 4. Amble Supermarket – The Mayor asked Amble Councillor Ian Hinson to update the meeting on the plans for the Supermarket development.  Cllr Hinson stated that following a meeting with Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, Doug Wilson he could pass on the information that the development would still be going ahead but was not due to be take place until 2013.  The Supermarket would be an eco store such as the development in Berwick. Access would be provided by a deceleration lane, there was no change to the plans i.e. no roundabout as any change could result in a new application having to be made and the planning process begun again.  The delay was a result of a drop in trading figure over the Christmas period which was resulting in Tesco investing capital in refurbishing their existing stores. At the meeting with Doug Wilson the Town Council encouraged Tesco to demolish the existing buildings on the site as soon as possible.   5. Amble Town Plan – Prof. John Shutt explained the requirement of the Localism Act to have Town Plans and that 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships has replaced Regional Organisations.  Working in partnership with Amble Development Trust and the Town Council ‘Amble 2020’ had been created based on the Market Town Initiative to apply for funding from various avenues such as the Coastal Regeneration Fund which had a deadline for applications of 27th April.  Amble 2020 is part strategic and part plan.  An information sheet detailing the Highlights of a new strategy for Amble 2020 was circulated. Prof. Shutt commented that Amble is being held back by lack of investment in public realms.  Northumberland County Council Chief Executive is to meet with key partners to discuss the key long term projects before the end of June. There are too many fragmented developments in plans for the Town, all need to work together rather than individual large projects. Prof. Shutt said he would forward the Clerk a copy of the power point presentation. The Mayor thanked Prof. Shutt for the excellent presentation. Vic Brown requested that Coquet Shorebase Trust be involved in any future discussions of the Waterfront. Cllr Hinson stated that the Place Making Programme was not clear.  Colin Harris believes there should be a focus on setting up business hubs/centres. Robert Arckless commented on Border Lairds (Young’s Foods), saying not to expect any dramatic turns in the near future. Two film makers were also in attendance.  They were working on a project for the ‘Communities on Route’ for the Olympic Torch and anyone could get involved in helping to produce a promotional piece for Amble. They wanted to know what was special about Amble in terms of person, place, group etc. Diana Shutt made reference to the friendly atmosphere and new enterprise, Robert Arckless urged school involvement. ‘The friendliest port’ story and a resident present when the torch went through London could be utilized. The clip for each community would last approx. 1-2 minutes and photography would be used to map out the route of the Olympic Torch through the town.  It would preview at Berwick Media Festival. Thoughts on content or offers of help could be forwarded to Anna Williams.   The meeting closed at 7.00pm with all agreeing it had been very worthwhile

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