Town Seats

TOWN SEATS Amble Town Council placed about 50% of the seats found throughout the town; these were originally purchased either by a joint grant funded project or were kindly paid for by donations and dedications from people within the town. In April 2012, we also became responsible for most of the seats which were in the ownership of Northumberland County Council. We declined acceptance of those on Warkworth Harbour Comissioners’s land and those under Amble Development Trust’s guardianship in the Town Square as well as those in the Dunes area. The location of the seats we acquired in April will be reviewed. They will be renovated where practicable or gradually replaced with a similar design to that used now- these are in black steel as it was felt this would last longer and be less prone to destructive vandalism and graffiti  Present costs for supply and installation of each seat is approximately £500 but steel prices fluctuate considerably. Unfortunately, although the seats are checked and painted if necessary, there are occurrences of vandalism/ graffiti- please help us to maintain a good standard by discouraging this adverse behaviour and reporting any damage to police or the Town Clerk.

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